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Boonekamp Liqueur

"Boonekamp is a strong and full-bodied bitter. That is why we consistently adhere to its classic alcoholic strength of 45%. Its typical, aromatic character and its own wild temperament together make for an intensive new experience. As a strong representative of its type of drink, it not only popular because of its discreet mildness but also on account of its powerful spiciness. Based on an old recipe, it owes this to the use of a large number of spices, roots and barks. Thus its individual flavour is determined by liquorice, aniseed, ginger and root of gentian. These are extracted with special care and refined to produce high quality essences. The warming pungency makes Boonekamp so popular as a digestif. It smoothly finishes off a good meal as a companion to the dessert or just as the last course." -Producer

750ML, Poland


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