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A Chianti wine is any dry red wine produced in the Chianti region, in central Tuscany. Chianti region is divided into 8 sub-zones: Classico, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colline Pisane, Colli Senesi, Montalbano, Rùfina and Montespertoli. The blend for Chianti should consist of at least 75% Sangiovese, up to 10% Canaiolo and up to 20% of any other approved grape variety such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Trebbiano etc. Rules of production (maximum yields, minimum alcohol level and aging) are much stricter for Chianti Classico sub-zone. Since 2006, the use of white grape varieties such as Malvasia and Trebbiano has been prohibited in Chianti Classico. The flexibility in the blending recipe for Chianti accounts for some of the variability in styles among Chiantis. Chianti is often characterized by its juicy fruit notes of cherry, plum and raspberry with medium-high acidity and medium tannins. The acidity in the wines make them very flexible with food and wine pairings, particularly with Italian dishes that feature red sauce, as well with as beef, lamb and game.



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