Cognac VSOP

V.S.O.P. ("Very Superior Old Pale") is an official quality grade of Cognac. It designates a blend in which the youngest brandy has been stored for at least four years in oak barrel, but the average wood age of a blend is much older.

  • Godet Antarctica
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    Godet Antarctica Folle Blanche Cognac 1.75L

    Godet Antarctica Folle Blanche Cognac  1.75L In March 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet, the fourteenth generation of the Godet family, embarked on an expedition  to Antarctica accompanied by ten crew members. They landed on the Antarctic continent at...
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    Martell Blue Swift  VSOP
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    Martell Blue Swift VSOP 375ML 2PK

    MSRP: $49.99
    Martell Blue Swift VSOP  375ML Tasting notes To the eyeWe can admire an elegant coppery color with golden glints. On the nose     We first notice gourmet aromas such as banana and caramelized pears. Then a subtle sweetness...
  • Martell Blue Swift
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    Martell Blue Swift VSOP 750ML

    Martell Blue Swift 750ML Tasting notes To the eye We can admire an elegant coppery color with golden glints. On the nose      We first notice gourmet aromas such as banana and caramelized pears.  Then a subtle sweetness appears,...
  • D'usse VSOP
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    D'usse Cognac VSOP 375ML

    D'usse Cognac VSOP 375ML "D’USSE, the newest innovation in Cognac, recently announces its official brand launch in the United States. D’USSE™ (pronounced “dew-say”) is a bold new Cognac expression masterfully crafted in the...
  • Tsar Alexander VSOP
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    Tsar Alexander VSOP 750ML

    Tsar Aleander VSOP 750ML, Cognac France Tsar Alexander I cognacs appear to be value brand cognacs, named for the Russian tsar who befriended Napoleon and later became a bitter enemy.The VSOP expression will have been aged for at least 3.5 years...
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    Hardy VSOP
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    Hardy VSOP 1L

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    Hardy VSOP 1L Cognac, France This cognac is the combination of delicious water and hearty grapes. It has a medium body, fruity aroma, with a smooth finish.
  • Deau VSOP
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    Deau VSOP 750ML

    Deau VSOP Cognac 750ML DEAU VSOP is an exceptional blend of the first Crus of Cognac.Velvety, smooth and floral, this delightful VSOP has rested in French oak before it has reached the necessary maturity to be blended to perfection.Our VSOP give birth...

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