Godet Antarctica Folle Blanche Cognac 1.75L

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Brand: Godet
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Varietal/Type: Cognac
Size: 1.75L
Product of: France
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Godet Antarctica Folle Blanche Cognac  1.75L

In March 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet, the fourteenth generation of the Godet family, embarked on an expedition  to Antarctica accompanied by ten crew members. They landed on the Antarctic continent at seventy degrees south of the equator, setting the record as being the first small yacht to sail past the 300km mark below the 70th parallel. In honor of this achievement, Cognac Godet has created a unique cognac inspired by the purity and beauty of Antarctica.

The only white cognac available on the market, Godet "Antarctica" is created from the rare Folle Blanche grape - a varietal that only narrowly survived extinction from the nineteenth century Phylloxera epidemic. Although Antarctica has been matured in very old oak for seven years, the unique distillation and filtration process developed by Godet leaves the spirit pure and clear. A subtle nose of delicate white flowers leads to a dry, medium-bodied palate offering elegant notes of apple custard, poached pear, golden raisin and vanilla. Soft notes of baking spice linger through the finish. Serve ice cold.

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