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D'usse VSOP Cognac 200ML

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D'usse VSOP Cognac
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D'usse VSOP Cognac 200ML

"D’USSE, the newest innovation in Cognac, recently announces its official brand launch in the United States. D’USSE™ (pronounced “dew-say”) is a bold new Cognac expression masterfully crafted in the cellars of the CHATEAU DE COGNAC – a home with a 200-year legacy of creating some of the world’s finest Cognacs. Born from the prestigious Chateau de Cognac, France, D’USSE blends that 200+ years of tradition with the inspiration of a passionate Cellar Master who set out to create his own legacy—and greatly succeeded at the task."

"D’USSE™ Cognac derives its distinguished smoothness and roundness from the humid cellars located deep in the lower levels of the Chateau. These cellars are protected by French stone walls that are three meters thick. These walls interact harmoniously with the nearby Charente River climate to maintain a constant temperature of 59 degrees along with 90 percent humidity year round – which creates the ideal atmosphere for aging Cognac. . The result is a uniquely powerful, authentic Cognac that starts off with distinguished intensity and then gives way to a pleasantly smooth, balanced finish."


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