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Grandtully Liqueur 750ML

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Grandtully Liqueur 750ML, Cordial, USA


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    Grand Tully

    Best scotch liqueur available

  • 5

    Perfect sipping!

    I have loved this since 1976. I have such a hard time finding it locally. I am so glad Liquor Barn carries it. Scotch based liquor, like Drambuie but less strong and sweeter. I love to drink straight from the freezer, but also great warm in a snifter.

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    This is one of my favorite sipping pleasures. I have enjoyed it since the '70s. I am surprised it is not available more places. It is a sweeter, weaker similar to Drambuie. I you like Drambuie but find it a little bit too strong straight, or want it sweeter, this is for you! I find it best enjoyed straight and stored in the freezer. On the rocks is great too.

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