Jumbie Rum Liqueur 750ML

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Jumbie Rum Liqueur 750ML

Rum Jumbie Liqueur is an exotic blend of aged Caribbean rum with hints of tropical orange, lemon, and passion fruit; accented by delicate spices. Rum Jumbie originates from an old Caribbean recipe that spent many years hidden in the remote caves of a sugar plantation. The recipe was safe there, for the residents feared entering the dark alcoves in belief that celestial spirits or,"Jumbies," were trapped inside. Legend says that these,"Jumbies," were believed to inhabit those who enjoyed rum, hence the name, "Rum Jumbie." These boisterous individuals were famous for dancing to the beat of the conga drums until dawn. Today, Rum Jumbie Liqueur pays homage to Jumbies and conga drummers with its unique sculpted figurine bottle that contains this harmonious tropical spirit.


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    finally found you

    been looking since 2000 for a distributer. only place I could find this stuff was on cruise ships. THANX

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    Great product

    the product is great. your shipping contact needs to be updated! the original ship date was not updated, the day arrived no shipment I emailed you and was told 'oh we have been trying to reach you' ???no contact was made. anyway product was shipped and I did receive it a week later. got it yesterday, thank you very much.

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