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Navan Liqueur

Grand Marnier, the makers of this liqueur, describe it as “fine French cognac with a whisper of natural Madagascar vanilla.” The vanilla is faintly perceptible on the nose. Extremely sweet in taste, the vanilla is quite strong and overpowers the flavor of the cognac. The lack of balance is very noticeable. If you’re a vanilla aficionado, then this is right up your alley.

If you are a fan of Navan take a look at Lucien Vanilla Cognac, an excellent substitute. Lucien Vanilla Cognac is a “subtle and unique blend of Lucien Foucauld cognac and natural vanilla flavors.” On first sip, it shows superb vanilla overlaying, but not dominating, the cognac complexities. Another taste reveals more of the fine cognac as the vanilla fades into the background. The great interplay of the vanilla and premium cognac makes this the clear winner when comparing the three products. If you are a fan of Vanilla of cognac, then this one is certainly worth seeking out.


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