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Badel Slivovica
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Badel Slivovica

A fine fruit brandy from Croatia, produced by means of a traditional method of distilling fresh and ripe plums. This fresh plum distillate is then aged in wooden casks made of Slovonian Oak.


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Fruit Brandy

Product Reviews

12 reviews Write a Review
  • 5


    Pice visokog kvaliteta i mirisa kruske.The taste and smell of a plam in the liquor gives a special sense of fullness

  • 5

    Badel slivo

    Love it

  • 5

    badel sljivovica

    you are the best

  • 5

    badel sljivovica

    best brandy, great taste, Badel is first class company

  • 5

    Best that I have found

    Much smoother that some of the others. I have had some that has been undrinkable. Badel is going to be my go to choice.

  • 5

    Good quality .

    Natural drink ,excellent ...

  • 5


    if I say "badel is the best, a price will go up, but it is great taste. L B is good seller 2.

  • 5

    Great Product

    Great price, Close to Romanian Palinca.

  • 5

    Badel is best

    color, smell , taste. Its the best I have tried.

  • 5

    Badel Slivovica 1L Brandy, Croatia

    Best quality plum brandy

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