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Badel Kruskovac
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Badel Kruskovac

An original brandy made with sweet pear. 1L Brandy, Croatia


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  • 4


    We love it! Nothing takes the edge off of a hellacious day or a pandemic like a snifter of Kruskovac.

  • 5

    Badel Svatovski Kruskovak

    Very smooth flavor. My favorite, but hard to find. I order from Liquor Barn because they carry it!

  • 5

    badel kruskovac

    smooth delicious and aromatic liqueur , loved by my family and friends for years

  • 5


    Buying it for years, great product, super quality and great taste My Family and friends favorite gift for the holidays and special occasions.

  • 5

    Hard to find item....Finally found it at Liquor Barn

    The pear flavor in Krushkovac is amazing. Made in the country my father was born in. I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

  • 4

    Where's the color?

    I am very happy to have found Kruskovac in the US. You seem to be the only ones carrying it. Yery happy me! Delivery was fast. Thank you. Question: Why does it not have the typical Kruskovac in-your-face- orange color? This one seems to be very pale, not orange at all. Is it not the same I'd buy in Croatia and come to love? Made for export?

  • 5

    Pure Rich Pear Sweetness

    I've tried several brands of pear brandy but Badel Kruskovac has, without a doubt, the best true pear flavor. It's like biting into a perfectly ripe Bartlett but with the smoothness of brandy floating on your tongue. I've served it in years past to party guests...women, in particular, seem to love it!

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