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Oma's Cherry Vodka 750ML

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 Oma's Cherry Vodka
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Oma's Cherry Vodka 750ML


"Oma's Cherry Infused Spirit uses the juice from 150 - 180 tart, Upper Michigan, Montmorency cherries, steeped for months in an 8X distilled, 10X filtered vodka, giving you an "exceptional" (Beverage Tasting Institute, 92 rating), jammy, fruit-filled mouthful. Most people use the word 'dangerous' to describe Oma's, because it tastes like freshly crushed cherries. Even at 80 proof, there's little alcohol burn.

Oma's has won numerous top awards (MicroLiquor, 50 Best, BevX), for providing an added dimension to Cherry Cokes, Proseco, Champagne, cider and artisan craft cocktails. Rob Krass, Journeyman Distillery says 'Oma's makes Journeyman Manhattans and Old Fashions taste better!" See below for Rob's Michigan Cherry Manhattan recipe.

Oma's Oma As for the 93-year-old founder, Hedy Steinbart (a.k.a. "Oma"), she's still promoting her brand, 66 years after making the first batch in her Lansing, Michigan basement. And she's still encourages everyone drinking Oma's to 'Zum Wohl and Enjoy the Schwips!' (Cheers and enjoy the festivities!).


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  • 5

    Oma's Cherry Infused Vodka

    Smooth, tasty, and unlike anything I have ever tasted before! Highly recommend!

  • 5

    Oma’s Cherry Vodka

    This is ridiculously good. It’s the real deal, cherry flavor beyond belief, but not some fake flavor addition. Oma knew what she was doing. You order a bottle, I’ll order a case.

  • 5

    Omas is no joke

    I love this Vodka. It’s so versatile. Goes amazing with Stolis Ginger Beer and makes old fashioned so smooth they are dangerous.

  • 5

    OMA vodka

    Great vodka- makes awesome cocktails

  • 5

    Oma’s Cherry Vodka

    This vodka is delicious straight or mixed with club soda and lime.

  • 5


    This is by far the most unique Vodka you'll ever try..I prefer it Straight over ice or with Ginger Beer..My new favorite..Must try

  • 5

    Oma Rules

    This is the best Vodka I’ve ever had. Literally can drink it straight if you want. Not sip. Drink it. 10 out of 10. I love it with a splash of seltzer water.

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