Journeyman Last Feather Rye 750ML

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Product of: USA
Varietal/Type: Rye
Size: 750ML


Journeyman Last Feather Rye

"The first batch of this rye was made in the Chicago neighborhood of Ravenswood: this is where it was born. Eventually, production was moved to the Featherbone building, but the history of the spirit is important: vital.

Distiller Comments: In the summer of 2010, I spent a period of time training in Chicago at Koval Distillery (located in the Ravenswood neighborhood), learning the trade but also putting rye whiskey in barrels. That time was invaluable in terms of education, but it also allowed Journeyman Distillery the opportunity to have a wonderfully aged rye whiskey to bottle for opening day. Our distillation runs at Koval were limited, so we only have a wee bit of Ravenswood Rye to offer. This Ravenswood Rye “Chicago” will be offered in a very limited supply of 750 375ml bottles, in tandem with our W.R. Whiskey. This will be available in a unique barn wood holder made from wood from our family farm in central Indiana.

The Ravenswood Rye name will live on with our Second batch of production at Journeyman Distillery.

Product Information Ravenswood Rye (Journeyman): At 90-proof, our first batch of Ravenswood Rye made at Journeyman Distillery will be matured in new white oak charred 15-gallon barrels. Through our experimental batch, we found that the 15-gallon barrel provided the best balance of flavor. The mash bill will consist of the same balance of rye and wheat. Our grain sources have changed with our wheat coming from the great state of Michigan and our rye from Minnesota. We anticipate a similar flavor profile, but the use of different grain sources, and a different still, could provide some pleasant and unique surprises." -Producer

Whiskey 750ML, USA


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