Mansinthe Absinthe 750ML

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Product of: Switzerland
Varietal/Type: Absinthe
Size: 750ML


Mansinthe Absinthe

is made using wormwood, medicinal herbs, leaves, and flowers and has been awarded a gold medal for it's prestige. 750ML Switzerland

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mythical goodness that's green-ish
Written by undefined on 1st Jun 2014

Drank it straight, with a cola chaser, I stared at the light surrounding my bedroom door for 5 minutes, I remember wondering why I was doing that, and after a few more minutes I stopped.

Hooray for Mansinthe
Written by undefined on 25th Jun 2013

I have never tried absinthe before and must say it's not as bad as everyone said it would be haha I did quite enjoy it. I drank it 2 ways, one with the sugar cubes and the other way was mixing it with soda water. I'm so glad to finally have found a company that would ship it to me here in Canada and for that I thank you :) My only complaint is that whoever wrote all the info on my package put the country of origin as USA when it came from Switzerland so as a result my package was detained in customs for 3 weeks while I got everything sorted out :(

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