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Versinthe Absinthe Superior 750ML

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Versinthe Absinthe Superior

is the production of twenty different plants and herbs mixed together. 750ML, France


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    relaxed this stressed out guy

    I agree with first review, seems to help me with my high blood pressure and stress; Blood Pressure dropped 35 points this week since I started drinking a shot each night for a week.. at bed time. This particular Absinthe has a unique, slightly bitter edge to it. I don't usually care for bitter, but it works in this.

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    Strong flavor good medicine.

    The herbs in this Absinthe combine to create a strong wormwood flavor mellowed by the fennel and anise. The other 19 herbs combine to provide a delightful and dependably invigorating health benefit that is the reason that I drink it regularly. It reduces liver swelling, treats cough and sinus/allergies. This is one of my secrets to surviving HepC for 43 years.

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