Jeppson's Malort 750ML

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Size: 750ML


Jeppson's Malort 750ML

Jeppson's Malört has the aroma and full-bodied flavor of an unusual botanical. Its bitter taste is savored by two-fisted drinkers. - Producer

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Jeppson's Malort
Written by Ben on 14th Jul 2021

It tastes like a pine tree that's been doused in gasoline. But, since that's apparently what the manufacturer was going for, they absolutely nailed it. Five stars.

Malort Review
Written by Nicholas Wiener on 24th Jun 2021

It tastes like a burnt rubber band dipped in bug spray. Five stars.

I found it to be good!
Written by Bill on 5th Jun 2021

I hear and see a lot of people drink this and also tell me its horrible. I am not a Liquor drinker, but i said why not try it. Had a shot of it and i found this product to be amazing, and no i am not trying to trick you into drinking it.

Not nearly as gross as I was told
Written by Joe M on 7th May 2021

I didn't buy this for its delicious taste. I wanted to have a fun experience giving my friends and family a comically-bad liquor. This ain't it. I kinda like it! It's got a bitterness somewhat akin to biting into grapefruit membrane, which I rather enjoy.

I got what I wanted
Written by kelly toennes on 4th May 2021

This stuff is disgusting, it tastes like stomach bile. I knew it was gross when I ordered it because I've had it before and was aware of its interesting taste but you can't find it anywhere besides the Chicago area. Liquor barn was quick with shipping and it arrived undamaged. 10/10 on liquor barn 0/10 for malort. only give this to people you don't like.

Jeppson's Malort
Written by robtberardi on 18th Apr 2021

I tried this in the Green Mill jazz club in Chicago and said, I have to buy a bottle before I go home to NY. I never got around to it, but I figured I could just buy it in my local liquor store. They didn't have it. Stew Leonard's? No. Astor Wines? They'd never even heard of it. I found it online in several places, but when I got to the shipping info part of each purchase, I'd get a pop-up "We cannot ship to your area." It's really a Chicago exclusive. But Liquor Barn came through! Enjoying a sip right now. Malort has wormwood, but only half the alcohol of absinthe. It tastes almost like aquavit, but much more bitter (which is probably why people tend to either love it or hate it). Highly recommended for when you want that Windy City vibe.

Written by Matthew Holt on 31st Mar 2021

Self-loathing in a bottle

Written by Jim Jones on 16th Mar 2021

One the most unique taste in any acholal product I have ever purchased We make our probate's indulge Gotta try it at least once

Uniquely persistent...flavor
Written by Jim on 13th Mar 2021

Men at times do inexplicable things just to prove that they have the ability to do so—if you feel that quaffing on this brew falls into this category of activity, by all means have at it. You will then, like me, be experiencing the lovely after effects of the bouncy intestine and the feeling that this “botanical” has soaked through every interstitial area of your body, and through your soul—to say this stuff lingers is a gross understatement. This is the crazy ex of alcohol. No order of protection will save you from yourself though, just listen to Nancy Reagan. Well, it will send the bug that crawled up your ass running for cover, that’s a plus. Buy a bottle, you know you want to.

Not what I was expecting
Written by Nordine on 22nd Feb 2021

I expected writhing pain, uncontrollable cramping, dogs running away from the sound of the bottle being opened et al., but I am shocked. It is unique and yes, she's a bitter girl, but I actually quite like it. I think I'm going to be keeping this in stock out here in Upstate NY. Really enjoying it!

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