Jeppson's Malort 750ML

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Product of: USA
Varietal/Type: Liqueur
Size: 750ML


Jeppson's Malort 750ML

Jeppson's Malört has the aroma and full-bodied flavor of an unusual botanical. Its bitter taste is savored by two-fisted drinkers. - Producer

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Ah, Malort
Written by Christine Story on 27th Mar 2020

I had my first sip of this as a challenge posed on resort from some weirdos from the Windy City. But I liked it enough that I took the remainder of the bottle home with me. (Yes, you can fly with open bottles in your baggage if you pack them well and they are clearly alcohol.) Some people hate this, but I love it. If you like Fernet, Orzo, Jagermeister, stuff like that, you'll probably like this too. It's not anise flavored or mint flavored. The flavor is pretty hard to describe. It's got a body to it. Just ordered six bottles of it from the Liquor Barn deliver service. They are the only ones who sell it. Otherwise, I think you have to go to Chicago to buy it. I drink it straight, cold or at room temperature, but I think some people have been making it into cocktails. It won't give you a headache. Solid way to imbibe. For comparison, my other go-to alcohol is a bitey Rye.

Written by Theo Chryssos on 3rd Nov 2019

It seems more palatable than it used to be now that CH is making it, but I could just be falling back into a depression.

Written by Rob on 27th Oct 2019

An essential part of any former Chicagoan’s liquor cabinet.

Written by Jason Koschkee on 11th Oct 2019

Tastes like asbestos with a hint of ear wax. Just the way I remember. Love it!

Tastes like donkey piss
Written by Chad on 24th Sep 2019

It’s sterile and I like the taste

Written by William Chappell on 20th Jun 2019

I personally like the taste of Malort in very small sips. I wanted to see the Malort face of my daughter her husband and her in-laws. It was quite funny. My daughters father in law and I sat down for a number of slow sips to enjoy the grapefruit and orange peel after taste (after the 1st shock of course). Worth the money for shipping to New York. A different and interesting experience.

Written by Jim on 16th May 2019

I bought this because of Frosty Heidi and Frank on KLOS 95.5FM. It really isn't that bad.

Malort - nectar of the gods
Written by Del Griffith on 7th Dec 2018

Malort is easily the greatest liquid created by anyone, ever. It tastes like magic and anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a Communist. The only drawback is that it isn't distributed across the country but luckily you can get it shipped. I can't recommend Malort highly enough. Once you try it you will be hooked forever.

Written by Patrick on 29th Jun 2018

EXCELLENT! We are definitely among the 2%.

Written by Jennifer on 20th Mar 2018

Not really a smell to be smelled. When you first shoot it - it tastes like any other shot ... then it changes ... it morphs into a floral hop punch to the face x 1000. What is that I taste? A memory? A flower? Gasoline? Nothing you chase it with will help the bitterness leave your mouth. You are strapped in until it slowly disappears. YOLO. ~ Cheers

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