Jeppson's Malort 750ML

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Jeppson's Malort 750ML

Jeppson's Malört has the aroma and full-bodied flavor of an unusual botanical. Its bitter taste is savored by two-fisted drinkers. - Producer

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Written by Padget on 21st Jul 2020

I had this years ago when in college and had been looking for it the past few months as a nostalgia thing when I saw a post online about it. Yeah .. it's the same and a very acquired taste. I enjoy it, my wife does not.

Written by Anita Friedman on 12th Jul 2020

This stuff is not for the faint of heart. I use it with gin and vermouth for a satisfying cocktail. So glad to find a place that ships it to NY.

Oh yes, it's bad
Written by Nicholas Smyth on 27th Jun 2020

All the reviewers here claiming it isn't that bad: either you've had your taste buds burned off in an accident or you're really just edgelording. I've traveled all over and sampled some of the bitterest, most herbacious liquors the world has to offer, and nothing tops Malort for pure palate-annihilation. It looks like pancreatic bile, it tastes like pancreatic bile, hell, maybe it even is pancreatic bile for all I know. And yet... I love it so.

Well. Its Malort
Written by Harry on 18th Jun 2020

Malort, for those of us outside of Chicago (and maybe in Chicago) has a an almost mythical status among bartenders. Even Malort's own description makes it seem like Fernet squared by Fernet. Now that I have had it....surprisingly mild. Most bartenders will probably be able to find any number of stronger tasting appertifs and liquors on their back bar. However, if you give this to a non-drinker/bartender. This will shock them.

Wow, Just Wow
Written by John W Ashby on 8th Jun 2020

I have not had Malort since I moved from Illinois to far Northern Minnesota. I have missed this stuff. The best part was when I saw my friends faces the first time that I had them try a shot. A couple of brave souls were willing to try multiple shots.

For two fisted drinkers
Written by Nicholas on 30th May 2020

Most first-time drinkers of Jeppson’s Malört reject the liquor. Its strong, sharp taste is not for everyone. Our liquor is rugged and unrelenting (even brutal) to the palate…they found only 1 out of 49 men will drink Jeppson’s Malört after the first ‘shock-glass.’

Written by Tom Burns on 27th Apr 2020

Holy crap man this is every bit as bad as I remember. Even my dogs didn't want a piece of it and ran away when I tried to make them smell it. I had some after dinner and still tasted it the next morning even after brush my teeth, twice. Just a uniquely vile substance. Five stars, would buy again.

Written by Erik on 27th Apr 2020

Fast shipment and good price for the best stuff I ever drank. Don't believe the hype, it doesn't taste bad, it's just unique. Kind of reminds me of grapefruit. Very lucid intoxication. Will order again.

Ah, Malort
Written by Christine Story on 27th Mar 2020

I had my first sip of this as a challenge posed on resort from some weirdos from the Windy City. But I liked it enough that I took the remainder of the bottle home with me. (Yes, you can fly with open bottles in your baggage if you pack them well and they are clearly alcohol.) Some people hate this, but I love it. If you like Fernet, Orzo, Jagermeister, stuff like that, you'll probably like this too. It's not anise flavored or mint flavored. The flavor is pretty hard to describe. It's got a body to it. Just ordered six bottles of it from the Liquor Barn deliver service. They are the only ones who sell it. Otherwise, I think you have to go to Chicago to buy it. I drink it straight, cold or at room temperature, but I think some people have been making it into cocktails. It won't give you a headache. Solid way to imbibe. For comparison, my other go-to alcohol is a bitey Rye.

Written by Theo Chryssos on 3rd Nov 2019

It seems more palatable than it used to be now that CH is making it, but I could just be falling back into a depression.

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