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3  best spirits made in Chicago

Chicagoans love Chicago, plain and simple. This Midwest metropolis has competitive teams in every major league sport, renowned architecture - and among everything else, it has been turning into the spirits production hub of the U.S. Breweries sprouted up around Chicago when the microbrewery trend really kicked off, and now local spirits artisans are crafting delicious spirits along Lake Michigan. Below are the three best spirits made in Chicago. Cheers!


Koval Distillery was the first craft vodka distillery in Chicago after the repeal of Prohibition, and was the only one for many years. Koval is really a Chicago vodka, sourcing its water from Lake Michigan to produce organic and kosher vodka. Koval also creates whiskey, gin, brandy, and liqueurs.


FEW Spirits out of Evanston makes a few spirits (hence the name), including a variety of whiskeys. All delicious, the best might just be the bourbon whiskey. This is a rye whiskey with some southern inspiration and a little spice.


Letherbee Distillers also make a variety of spirits, but it’s the gin that really stands out. This small distillery is made up of only a handful of people and is going into its third year, but it already created a stir with a mini malort controversy. Let the gin speak for itself.

30th Mar 2015


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