Zuta Osa Slivovitz 750ML

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Product of: Serbia
Varietal/Type: Fruit Brandy
Size: 750ML


Zuta Osa Slivovitz Plum 750ML

"Zuta Osa, or Yellow Wasp is a premium brand of plum brandy, prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son in "master distiller" families of Southeastern Europe over hundreds of years." -Producer

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Zuta Osa, The Best
Written by Vasa Kozokar on 1st May 2021

The best readily available Plum Rakija on the market. I am born in Serbia and have lived there for most of my life so I know quality when I taste it.

It can't be beat.
Written by undefined on 26th Sep 2016

This stuff is simply delicious.

The Slivo of Choice
Written by Elena, accordion Caprice Rouge on 21st Apr 2016

Zuto Osa is the the brand of slivovitz that the band Caprice Rouge prefers. Fuels our music!

Very good packaging and fast delivery
Written by undefined on 26th Dec 2015

Standard quality Serbian plum Rakija, very similary distilled to tequila, but made out of fruits. This one is, as majority, made of plums, my favourites are pear, apricot and Quince. If you haven't already, give it a try

thee best
Written by dado on 20th Sep 2014

One of my favorite beverages.

Just plain smooth
Written by undefined on 22nd Jul 2013

I grew up on this stuff in a Slovak household. The Yellow Wasp is the best!

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