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Zoladkowa Gorzka
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Zoladkowa Gorzka Vodka

 is an amber flavored vodka from Poland and tastes of herbs and dried fruits. 750ML, Poland


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11 reviews Write a Review
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  • 5

    Best vodka ever

    This is the greatest vodka we’ve ever had. We bought it in Poland years ago and haven’t been able to find it in the US until now. So happy to have found a place that delivers!!

  • 5

    Excellent digestif

    My wife is polish and this is a must have in her family and our household. A shot of this and a chaser of ginger ale always does the trick after a big meal

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    This is a wonderful flavored vodka. Not a familiar favor but very nice. Not too sweet. Everyone I introduce it to, likes it. Well one didn’t. No product is perfect. Anyway used to be able to find this at my local store but after they closed I couldn’t find it anywhere. For the last 7 years I have been bringing back a bottle from London from time to time. Finally I decided to get serious about tracking it down in USA and The Liquor Barn had it. Shipping is outrageous but FedEx seems to have a lock on transporting alcohol. Sadly they can’t ship to all states but fortunately NV can be shipped to.

  • 5

    Great customer service

    Order was processed and filled very quickly. It was packed so there was very little risk of breakage. Delivery was as rapid as could best be expected in today's environment. Introduced to it by family that came from Poland for a visit. The product itself is very difficult to find in the US so we are very pleased to see that they not only carry but also ship it. Love the combination of flavors. Reminds one of a light liqueur.with fruity, spicy flavors. Will order again.

  • 5

    Gorzka Vodka

    Unlike very sweet liqueurs, this orange flavored cordial is hard to find. So grateful it is available in USA.

  • 4

    Good stuff

    Imagine Drambuie but not as sweet.

  • 5

    Zoladkowa Gorzka

    Very tasty flavored digestive Vodka. Reminds me of home, something I drink with my elderly mom during my visits in Europe– it's the only alcohol she drinks! And it does not give me headaches.

  • 5

    Refreshing Wodka

    Delightful herbal flavor, like honey and clover.

  • 3

    Polish Vodka

    I understand true Polish Vodka is made from potatoes. American style is made from wheat! Taste is different. so is the end result. Irene Muro

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