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Zlatni Vinjak 750ML


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Rubinov Vinjak

Rubinov Vinjak VS 1L

Rubinov Vinjak VS Grape Brandy Product Notes: "The Serbian Vinjak in the region Krusevac with old wine-making traditions, known since the Roman epoch. Here they produce the best Serbian wines, also...
Zuta Osa

Zuta Osa Slivovitz 750ML

Zuta Osa Slivovitz Plum 750ML "Zuta Osa, or Yellow Wasp is a premium brand of plum brandy, prepared and aged according to traditional distilling recipes passed from father to son in "master...

Cezar Brandy 1L

Cezar "is a famous BADEL 1862 brand in the wine brandy category. Wine brandy is the Croatian term for a category respectively alcoholic beverage produced from 100% wine distillate. Due to its...
Navip Klekovaca

Navip Klekovaca 750ML

Navip Klekovaca Plum Brandy 750ML Brandy, Serbia The tradition of locally produced fruit brandies goes back hundreds of years in eastern Europe and the method of production has been unchanged since...
Klekovaca Juniper

Klekovaca Juniper 750ML

Klekovaca Juniper "The brandy with the flavour of juniper or flavoured plum-brandy is a famous brand of the fruit growing area of Kosjerić. It belongs to the group of special natural brandies. This...

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