WhistlePig Rye 15 Year 750ML

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Product of: USA
Varietal/Type: Rye
Size: 750ML


WhistlePig 15 Year Old Straight Rye 750ML

Within this bottle is the culmination of years of patience – a liquid chosen from our finest stocks to be aged for more than a decade. The first WhistlePig product aged in Vermont Estate Oak harvested right from our farm. It is our oldest whiskey.  

The harsh winters and short growing seasons in Vermont bestow a tight grain pattern upon our trees. Kentucky oak trees are fat. Vermont ones are tight. Tight wood delivers more flavor and depth.

The new Vermont Oak barrels receive a long toast and heavy char designed to draw out a rich sweetness to complement the natural spice of aged rye. The final product mixes rye spice with wood sugar, earthy oakiness and lush citrus notes, all wrapped in a velvety smoothness unique to the finest aged spirits.

This Rye has been waiting for 15 years to reach your lips, and time is something that no amount of money can buy.

Just remember – tight is better than fat. And old is better than young. In whiskey at least.


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When Pigs Fly
Written by Joseph Crugnale on 26th Mar 2020

Okay, getting a review from my wife who is the connoisseur is like squeezing water from a rock. Her exact words: "It was yummy" "oh, it was wonderful" "it is slightly peppery and tastes a little like wood, it's really yummy" One of the best I've ever tasted, this is the official comment from Ms Pamela. I tasted it and like the spicy notes, it has a bit of heat on the first sip but after that gets dangerous, the wood and spicy notes are there and very enjoyable. One ice cube is perfect.

Whistle Pig 15
Written by Brandon Champlin on 5th Mar 2019

this is a great wonderfully smooth whiskey. tried it for the first time in Vegas in January and had to have one for home!

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