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Tres Mujeres Reserva 750ML

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Tres Mujeres Reserva 750ML, Mexico

Tequila Tres Mujeres is 100% Blue Agave, all-natural Tequila. Tres Mujeres blue agave is grown and hand selected from the Melendrez family's privately owned fields. The agave is then steamed (never broiled) for over 40 hours to cook in the moistness and flavor. Our agave is fermented naturally over the course of a week, not mixed with chemicals and rushed, as are most Tequilas. The agave is then double distilled for a smoother taste. Finally, Tres Mujeres is aged in only the finest white oak barrels for over a year, to provide a smooth, honey oaken flavor and aroma. This 100% natural spirit contains no added flavors, sugars or colors, just pure authentic Tequila


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