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The Deveron 12 Year 750ML

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Product of: Scotland
Varietal/Type: Single Malt Scotch
Size: 750ML


The Deveron 12 Years Old

"Colour: gold. Nose: yes, it’s nicer, no doubt. Much more mature (and it can’t be just the extra two years) and, above all, much fruitier. Lots of tropical fruits (mangos and papayas, passion fruits), getting more and more orangey after that. Then it gets rather phenolic – unexpectedly -, with also rotting fruits (over the hill pineapples), plum jam, Jell-O… Hints of eucalyptus and spearmint… And then a little vanilla flavoured tea, just before, again, a certain farminess starts to take control (a much cleaner one, though) together with hints of pine needles. Very interesting, especially when compared with the recent Glen Deverons that are much more ‘mundane’ in my opinion. Mouth: excellent but maybe a tad weakish at the attack… Again these fruity notes (more on apples and pears this time) mingling with all sorts of nuts, cereals, and quite some resinous notes (cough syrup). Also a little tea… Simpler than the nose but balanced and enjoyable, with a medium long finish on tea, cereals and cake plus a wee pinch of salt. Very good altogether. 85 points."

750ML, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Scotland

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