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Tariquet Bas Armagnac XO Reserve 750ML

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Tariquet Bas Armagnac XO Reserve
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Tariquet Bas Armagnac XO Reserve 750ML


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Tariquet Bas Armagnac VSOP

Tariquet Bas Armagnac VSOP 750ML

Tariquet Bas Armagnac VSOP "The youngest of the brandies in this typical Bas-Armagnac blend was aged in oak barrels, in our cellars, for at least 7 years." -Producer 750ML
Tariquet Bas Armagnac Classique VS

Tariquet Bas Armagnac Classique VS 750ML

Tariquet Bas Armagnac Classique VS 750ML"A beautiful amber shade of antique gold. The bouquet initially suggests freshly baked bread and light toffee. Aeration reveals a gentle warmth that...
Cerbois XO Armagnac 750

Cerbois XO Armagnac 750ML

Cerbois XO Bas Armagnac 750ML, Armagnac, France "Cerbois Bas Armagnac XO is a blend of vintages between 18 and 22 years old. This spirit is made entirely from Folle Blanche grown in the Bas Armagnac...
Dartigalongue XO

Dartigalongue XO Armagnac 750ML

Dartigalongue XO Armagnac is aged for a minimum of 10 years before being bottled. Color: light amber Nose: Vanilla and plums Palate: Well rounded Finish: Long with note of spice and dried fruits...
Dartigalongue Hors D'Age

Dartigalongue Hors D'Age Armagnac 750ML

Dartigalongue Hors D'Age Armagnac 90-95 Point Wine Enthuiast Matured for a minimum of fifteen years, Dartigalongue Hors D'Age Bas Armagnac displays a complex nose of caramel, toasted almond,...
Cerbois 1967

Cerbois 1967 Armagnac 750ML

Cerbois 1967 Armagnac "Cerbois Armagnac represents the authentic production process of this complex and rich spirit, and embodies the essence of local area from which it comes, Bas Armagnac."...
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Marquis De Caussade XO
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Marquis De Caussade XO Armagnac 750ML

Marquis de Caussade

Marquis De Caussade XO Armagnac "Our splendid Fine Armagnac XO de Caussade is a perfect balance of floral and fruity notes, which are unique to its native Armagnac vintages. It has hints of violet,...

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