Stroh Dark Rum 160 Proof 750ML

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Product of: Austria
Varietal/Type: Rum
Size: 750ML
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Stroh Dark Rum

"Whether for cooking, baking or as warmth spending drink it is always the right season for the unmistakable STROH aroma. STROH Original and STROH hot drinks are providing unique quality all year round. STROH Original is the best aromatic expression of the Austrian way of life. We enjoy it when we need time out from the daily rush.

It has its place in hot drinks such as warming Jagertee, Punch and Grog, as well as in cocktails, mixed drinks and fruit bowles. Talking about traditional Austrian sweet dishes, STROH Original is indispensable for cakes, flans and desserts." -Producer

160 Proof 750ML, Austria

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The rum of AUSTRIA!
Written by William Ventura on 10th Apr 2016

Good drink, not really liking the twist on the taste they enjoy in Austria but I split it with coke and it's fine! The shopping experience with the Barn is always great!

Best rum with hot tea, lemon juice, and honey
Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2016

Strohs has been a family favorite for years. Really helps chase away colds (or at least makes them more tolerable). Wonderful Butterscotch smell and flavor

Taste of Butterscotch
Written by undefined on 21st Feb 2014

Strohs Rum is extremely strong and it's butterscotch taste makes a wonderful hot drink. It is very well priced and best drank during the winter

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