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Rompope Coronado Vanilla 1L

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Rompope Coronado Vanilla Liqueur

is made of egg, milk, vanilla extract, and spirits.

1L, Mexico


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    The best secret you will ever be let in on!

    I was introduced to Rompope Coronado in CA. Absolutely the smoothest, most delicious eggnog-vanilla type liqueur you will ever find. All natural, all pure ingredients and a true taste treat.Tried other brands, not the same. This Rompope Coronado is phenomenal at room temp or chilled, straight or on pound cake or ice cream. Even non-drinkers LOVE it! If not available in your area, order it from LiquorBarn for fast service. You will thank me for letting you in on this secret gem (and thank the nuns for making it). A must for the Holidays and anytime. It will become one of your favorite taste treats, as well. Enjoy.

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