Riga Black Balsam 750ML

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Product of: Latvia
Varietal/Type: Liqueur
Size: 750ML


Riga Black Balsam
"Deliciously different, exceptionally smooth and velvety on the palate, Riga Black Balsam opens a whole world of sensations with its 24 ingredients. Subtle hints of linden blossom, birch bud, valerian root, raspberry, bilberry, and ginger as well as touches of nutmeg and black peppercorn tease the palate and come alive in the glass." -Producer
Herbal Liqueur 750ML, Latvia

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Great experience
Written by AB on 13th Jul 2021

Great product, very good customer service, quick response time and very quick shipping. Will definitely buy from them again!

Written by Mr B on 9th Jul 2021

Balzams are one of eastern Europe's best-kept secrets, relatively unknown and definitely underappreciated in the west, and Riga Black is probably the best known variety. Outstanding taste, fine product, very glad to see it carried here. 5 stars.

I love it!
Written by Anthony D'Ambrosia on 2nd Mar 2021

It's earthy with a hint of black licorice. I sip a few ounces it on the rocks mostly around mid-day.

Riga Black Balsam
Written by Aiga Sprogis on 19th Dec 2020

Excellent product!

Riga Black
Written by Eriks Kalvis Johnnson on 15th Dec 2020

I was very happy to find this spirit sold in the US and carried by Liquor Barn. I was told by relatives that my Latvian Grandfather occationally invibed this spirit. It tastes like something authentically brewed and transported from medieval times, not sweetened up for contemporary tastes like a jager. A complex mix of berries, grasses, roots. and grains, I'm still trying to figure out what all is there. Be careful, this is a strong Spirit but well worth the time journey to discover.

Written by Alyonka on 14th Dec 2020

This stuff is like gold!! I absolutely LOVE this balsam. I order it every month so that I never run out. It is legitimately some of the best balsam I've ever tried and tested on myself.

Authentic Latvian magic
Written by Jo Simmons on 5th Dec 2020

Thank you for carrying Rigas Black Balzams. It's impossible to find locally. I was grateful to find a company that realizes what a great product it is, and how much it means to so many. Paldies!

I love it!
Written by Anthony D'Ambrosia on 20th Sep 2020

I love it on and rocks. Just sip it. It's a great pick-me-up. I will place an order of 4 every 4 to 8 weeks.

Riga Black Balzam review
Written by Ludmila Dmitriev-Odier on 26th Jul 2020

Excellent quality. Like to add a little bit to my coffee!!!

Written by Helen on 16th Jun 2020

I know this product. It is very good. Good price and fast shipping

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