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Remy Martin Tercet 750ML

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Remy Martin Tercet
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Remy Martin Tercet 750ML

EYE: A light amber colour with coppery reflections. NOSE: An explosion of intense notes, centered around Fresh exotic fruits, and dried yellow fruits like apricot and peach. Gentle spice notes then follow, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, preserved ginger, with a hint of liquorice to animate these aromas and make them more lively.

TASTE: The first taste is bold and fresh with an 84‐proof blend. The Rémy Martin style can be identified in the smoothness of this cognac. Extremely round, it coats the palate, punctuated with notes of fresh fruits, fleshy fruits, and spices.

BODY: A touch of grilled almond, is extremely long and complex in the mouth.


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