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Punjabi Club Rye Whiskey 750ML

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Punjabi Club Rye Whiskey by Minhas Distillery

Punjabi Club Rye Whisky displays a golden straw color, and when the whiskey glass is tilted and twirled, stubborn legs forming, some of which refuse to drop back into the whisky. The nose is full of clean oak and rye spice with obvious notes of fresh grain and straw accompanying the spice. As the glass sits, orange peel and citrus fruit notes begin to climb out of the glass as well as some fresh ginger and coriander spice, a wonderful aroma from a beautiful Canadian whiskey. There is also a firm underlying sweetness, which may remind you of cotton candy and marshmallows. The oak and grain scents seem to grow a little stronger, the rye whisky offers a lot of promise on the


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