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President Vodka 750ML, Lithuania

"The Vodka is made from grain and has its origin in Russia - it is either drunk neat or mixed in cocktails." -Producer



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Pinnacle Cinnabon

Pinnacle Cinnabon 750ML

Pinnacle Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Vodka 750ML "Aroma: Inviting warm sugar and cinnamonTasting Notes: Sweet, warm cinnamon, a vanilla finishGoes well with orange juice" -Producer
Stumbras Buffalo Grass

Stumbras Buffalo Grass 750ML

Stumbras Buffalo Grass 750ML Inspired by nature and old traditions, this vodka is a bow to the ancient, untouched forests of Lithuania. This is precisely why we put a blade of bison grass into each...

Lithuanian Vodka 1.75L

Lithuanian Vodka 1.75L, Lithuania "Lithuanian Vodka" family exposes all characteristics necessary for excellent representation of Lithuanian strong drinks.It is the most popular vodka in Lithuania...
Slavianskaya Starka

Slavianskaya Starka 750ML

Slavianskaya Starka 750ML, Estonia Slavianskaya Starka classic Vodka is based on the earliest traditional recipe dating to the 15th century. This traditional dry vodka is created using grain...
Stumbras Wheat

Stumbras Wheat 750ML

Stumbras Wheat Vodka 750ML, Lithuania "Embodies our experience acquired in 100 years, knowledge and wisdom past by our experts from one generation to another. The vodka is produced according to...
Stumbras Starka 700ML

Stumbras Starka 700ML

Stumbras Starka Vodka 700ML Stumbras Starka Vodka is infused with both apple and pear leaves among other vegetative minerals.
Stumbras Rye

Stumbras Rye 750ML

Stumbras Rye Vodka 750ML, Lithuania STUMBRAS VODKA Bison Grass was recreated by our experts in the early-20th century and is one of the first popular flavored vodkas in Lithuania. Each bottle...

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