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Pravda Vodka

"Not much happens in the initial minutes of nosing; more air contact helps in releasing supplementary aromas of black pepper and cardamom. Palate entry taste shows minor league cereal grain spice (rye) and a welcome flash of spirity warmth; at midpalate, this vodka displays some grip and character in the forms of oily texture and the piquant, spicy graininess. Aftertaste hangs its hat on the spicy, rye-grain flavor that dominates at the tail end." -The Wine Enthusiast



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Poniatowski Exquisite

Poniatowski Exquisite Vodka 750ML

Poniatowski Exquisite Polish Vodka Poniatowski Exquisite Polish vodka is made from luxury neutral spirit and crystal water. Its unique delicate flavour is obtained by precise distillation...
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Chopin Potato
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Chopin Potato Vodka 750ML

Chopin Potato Vodka 93 points- Beverage Testing Institute "Clear. Subtle aromas of powdered potatoes, toasted Brazil nuts, and vanilla yogurt with a silky, off-dry light-to-medium body and a sweet...
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Ultimat Vodka
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Ultimat Vodka 2X375ML

Ultimat Vodka 2X375ML 90 points- Wine Enthusiast "Distilled from a mix of grain and potato, this vodka has fresh, zingy citrus notes and an almost juniper-like flavor that brings a mild gin to mind...

Fiddler Vodka 750ML

Fiddler Vodka Winner of many awards in Poland, Fiddler Vodka in its unique bottle conjures images of days long gone by. Fiddler is a clear, luxury Vodka made from top quality potato, rectified...
Ty Ku Soju

TyKu Soju 750ML

TyKu Soju "With 1/2 the calories and twice the taste of vodka, Soju (also known as Shochu) is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. TY KU Soju updates this ancient spirit by producing an...
Grey Goose Citron

Grey Goose Le Citron 1.75L

Grey Goose
Grey Goose Citron "In crafting GREY GOOSE Le Citron, François Thibault began, with the finest lemons including those grown in the world-renowned Menton region of France. The lemons are...

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