Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt Beatha 6 Year 750ML

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Product of: Scotland
Varietal/Type: Single Malt Scotch
Size: 750ML


Port Charlotte PC6 Cuairt Beatha by Bruichladdich
The Port Charlotte 6 Year is a thoroughly original, heavily peated whisky (40ppm) distilled, matured and bottled at Bruichladdich Distillery. It is the same whisky as the PC-5, just a year older, a little mellower and a little lower in alcohol (2%). Called Cuairt Beatha, which translates to “Walk of Life,” the name was given to represent the spiritual journey of both the whisky and the men who made it. Distiller Jim McEwan says: “Opens beautifully balanced on malt, peat and young spirit. The youth and strenght of the spirit infusing the aromas of green apple, mild mint, clove, bayleaf and forest greenwood. Given a dash of water and time little notes of meadowsweet, iris and honeysuckle…as the next wave of bracken and smoke with a slipstream of vanilla is about to overload the olfactory senses. The Madeira cask influence lies deep in the glass and brings the rich notes of syrupy dates and raisins…it’s got an effervescence of spindrift and smoke, sweet citrus–the texture of the spirit is awesome due to trickle distillation. It’s the integration of all the characters of this island…that gives this spirit a 100% Islay DNA.”


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