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Pliska Pomorie

is a grape brandy that has been aged for 7 years in wooden casks. 750ML Brandy, Bulgaria


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Pliska Preslav

Preslav Pliska Brandy 750ML

Pliska Preslav Brandy "Pliska Preslav Grape brandy is a fine delicate brandy produced from selected old distillates aged over 5 years in small oak barrels. The unique aging process gives Pliska...
Pliska XO

Pliska XO 750ML

Pliska XO "High quality wine brandy brandy Wine Reserve 1300 Pliska XO produced after precise blend of specially selected batches wine distillate boiling in cauldrons Wine-type "Alambic" and matured...
Slivenska Perla

Slivenska Perla 750ML

Slivenska Perla Grape Brandy 750ML "The grape brandy "Slivenska Perla" is produced from the aromatic grape varieties Muscat Ottonel, Perla and Tamianka. This rakia has a soft taste and a...
Karnobatska Muscat Grape Brandy

Karnobatska Muscat Grape Brandy 1L

Rakia Karnobatska Muscat Grape Brandy Rakia with a fine Muscat aroma and soft vanilla notes, Made of grapes Muscat Ottonel and aged 12 months in oak casks 40% Alc. by vol, Bulgaria
Yambolska Grape

Yambolska Grape Brandy 1L

Yambolska Grape is a brandy that comes from grape varieties; such as, Red Misket, Rkatsiteli, and Dimyat. It's taste is mild and well-balanced. 1L Brandy, Bulgaria
Khan Krum Brandy

Khan Krum Brandy 750ML

Khan Krum Brandy 750ML Producer's Notes: "High quality grapes rakiya, produced using a classical technology from wine stock from the sorts Dimyat and Riesling.     *СOLOUR : straw...

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