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Old Fitzgerald 80 Proof Bourbon 750ML

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Old Fitzgerald 80 Proof Bourbon

"The original Old Fitzgerald was introduced in 1870 and soon became an exclusive Bourbon of railroad and steamship barons and was uniquely suited to the culture of the Old South. Old Fitzgerald maintains the traditional premium wheated whiskey mashbill that John Fitzgerald and Pappy Van Winkle established." -Producer

750ML, Bourbon Whisky, USA


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  • 5

    Old Fitzgerald Prime

    Absolutely one of the best bourbons I have ever drank I have had $400.00 bottles and up that in my opinion were not as smooth and good. Drink neat you will enjoy it if you like bourbon

  • 4

    Old Fitzgerald Prime

    The best of the bottom shelf bourbons. Great with ginger ale in a tall glass on a hot Sunday afternoon .

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