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Maraska Slivovica Plum 750ML

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Maraska Slivovica
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Maraska Slivovica Plum

ha a natural flavor and a rich aroma. 750ML Brandy, Hungary


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Fruit Brandy

Product Reviews

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    If you have not had

    You have not lived! Slivo as most Americans call it, much more easy to say after a few shots or even sober. Its smooth, strong, but slowly warms you up. Good for a family gathering or just a night alone. Slivo mixes well with Paddy, jamerson, Talamore and any kind of beer you choose with no side effects. Bottom line make some Ajvar and crack a bottle,

  • 5

    Great product

    This product is one of the oldest that my father have drink-edAlly. He is not well right now and only wants this drink. I love that this order is what it stated on the online. My package came supper packed and nothing was broken will be ordering again today

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