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Makers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon 750ML

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Makers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon 750ML
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Makers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey 750ML

This is Maker’s Mark® Bourbon in all its glory. By eliminating the proofing process normally used before bottling Maker’s Mark®, Cask Strength comes in at 108 to 114 proof. This surprisingly smooth bourbon retains the signature, front-of-palate flavors of Maker’s Mark – while amping up the notes of oak, caramel, vanilla and spice.

Tasting notes

Proof: 108–114
Aroma: Big oak, vanilla and smoky charcoal.
Taste: Richer, more robust flavors of spice, vanilla and smoke.
Finish: Longer on the front of the palate with no roughness or bitterness.



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