Kilo Kai Spiced Rum 750ML

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Product of: Curacao
Varietal/Type: Rum
Size: 750ML


Kilo Kai Spiced Rum

Dark brown and spiced using Carribbean flavors and scents.750ML, Curacao

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Kilo kai
Written by Andrew on 26th Jul 2020

This is by far my favorite rum in terms of flavor and price. Glad to have finally found a place that will ship it to Kansas!

Couldn't find this rum anywhere!
Written by Shauna on 21st Apr 2020

I tried this rum as part of a rum flight, and then I couldn't find it for sale anywhere at all near me! I finally did a search online and was able to find it available to deliver. This rum is great just as is or in a mixed drink! Delicious and priced right!

Love this rum
Written by undefined on 20th Dec 2016

Kilo Kia is a very smooth and unique flavored spice rum. Truly enjoy sipping me some Kilo Kia.

memories are made of this
Written by john mckay on 20th Dec 2014

if you are old enough to have collected baseball cards in the 1950s/60s then you should remember the taste of the VERY PINK pieces of gum that came in each pack. think of that taste whilst sipping on KILO KAI spiced rum. "DEJA VU"

Kilo Kai
Written by chris smith on 14th Oct 2013

yummy! Best Rum Ever!

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