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With the explosion of moscato's popularity over the last couple of years there have been two unpleasent side effects- rising prices and lower quality. This phenomenon is typical with any fad, but it can be even more exaggerated in wine. Thankfully we have been able to stem the tide and find great moscato wines at bargain prices. One of the best examples is the Riflessi Asti Spumante.

Asti is arguably the best source for lightly sparkling, moderate in alcohol moscato, in fact it is this Italian region's version of Moscato that is precisely the type of style that wineries all over the world are trying to mimic. Few succeed and those that do charge a pretty penny for it. We have the genuine article and it is a beauty. Riflessi Asti Spumante has aromas of fresh peaches and tropical fruit. On the palate loads of creamy orchard and citrus fruit flavors are complimented by an exotic lemon grass note. The finish just won't quit! 

This wine is a steal and it's perfect for all sorts of outdoor entertaining- even weddings. Load up on this one. 


13th May 2013


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