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Gruvi Non Alcoholic Dry Red Blend 4PK Can

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Gruvi Non Alcoholic Dry Red Wine Blend
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Gruvi Non Alcoholic Dry Red Wine Blend 4PK Can

Our Red Blend #3 was made in collaboration with our consumers so we could get it just right. This dry red blend wine is full-bodied, fruity and bold. Everything you want in a red wine, it makes the perfect companion to a weeknight steak dinner or rich chocolate dessert, with none of the hangover in the morning.

This velvety smooth dealcoholized wine has a balance of tannins and a hint of oak and coffee that lingers on the palate.

The best part? Our dry red blend wine is gluten-free, vegan-friendly and, of course, as always, contains 0% alcohol. With just 45 calories in a can, you can indulge in having your favorite glass of red wine every night of the week.


Non-alcoholic Wine
250ML 4PK
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