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Goldwasser 22 Karat 750ML

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Goldwasser 22 Karat Gold Flakes Liqueur 750ML

"Since 1598 - The timeless fascination of a delicious gold experience. Original Danziger Goldwasser (Gold Water of Gdansk) was first created in 1598 in the city of Gdansk and ranked as the favourite liqueur of the legendary Russian Tsar Peter and Catherine the Great. The popularity of this famous Danziger Liqueur - featuring suspended genuine 22 - carat gold flakes - soon spread internationally and quickly became a favourite liqueur of high society. To this day, this delicious gold liqueur remains a uniquely bitter sweet experience that glows in the splendor of this precious metal and which has lost none of its fascination. The exquisite Original Danziger Goldwasser Liqueur was once regarded as an unaffordable treasure on account of its genuine gold leaf content. As an exclusive gift, it stood as a shining symbol of affection, friendship and esteem. Its secret original formula from the 16th century remains unchanged today and is the seal of its provenance and authenticity."


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  • 5


    Good as ever. Fair pricing.

  • 5


    Fastest Delivery Service, Thank You so much for being on top of your orders. Can tell you how many other services I have used and they dropped the ball. You guys are the best that's why I keep using your service. Thank You Again

  • 5


    Fast shipping can always rely on Liquorbarn to send it out as fast as possible. Thank You Guys

  • 5


    this is the most beautiful and tasty liqueur

  • 4


    I would have left 5 stars as I really like Danziger Goldwasser. I ordered from web site, or so I thought. My order was detained at the Canadian border, requiring a broker for entry into Canada. I am 800 miles away from the border and unable to pick it up, so it was sent back. 5 stars for Goldwasser, but not happy with the outcome. Canadians beware!! HB

  • 5


    Love this vodka liqueur! Drank it while traveling in Poland. Difficult to find near me in Minnesota. The box was packaged well. Shipping was timely. Spee Dee delivery driver was great!

  • 4

    Smooth flavor Liqueur

    After the first taste the flavors come out. Your taste buds go wild and you begin to taste different ingredients.

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