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George T. Stagg Bourbon 750ML

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George T. Stagg Bourbon

71.4% alcohol by volume (142,8 Proof)

96 points- Malt Advocate

Another excellent Stagg, and considering its alcohol level, it’s also a good value if you can get it at this price. Notes of toffee, pot still rum, nougat, dates, tobacco, roasted nuts, polished oak, and leather. Great depth and nicely balanced. A masculine bourbon of character and structure.

96-100 points: Wine Enthusiast

"Due to the bracing cask strength, I first sampled G.T. Stagg neat, then with spring water. Sniffed neat, the aroma offers bittersweet chocolate, egg cream, brown sugar, marshmallow, nougat and dried red fruit; diluted, the aroma turns up the volume on the nougat/nut butter. Palate entry is silky, oily and intensely flavorful (the water brings out a luscious honey-like element); by midpalate, the muscular, Sherry/dark toffee taste reminds me of old Grande Champagne Cognac. Concludes refined and engagingly sweet. A classic."

750ML, Straight Bourbon Kentucky Whiskey, USA


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    Not head and shoulders above the rest, but def. amongst the best

    First things first - this is a review for the 2013 bottling, which is 128.2 proof (not the listed 142.8 here). Anyway...Nose - Charred wood, deep toffee, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, dark cherry, french toast. Seems very dense neat. A little water better balances the sweet and woody aspects...water+time adds a nice citrus note. Taste is quite spicy neat (surprise!), with cinnamon, maple syrup, toffee, fruitcake, toasty gingerbread. A bit too strong for me to really appreciate neat. I get a nice bit of citrus (blood orange?) as well when I add a bit of water. Finish is spicy with a bit of toffee/coffee (a bit like a caramel flavored coffee drink). Really really nice stuff.

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