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Freihof Apricot Schnapps 750ML

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Freihof Apricot Schnapps

"Description: The apricot, known in Austria as apricot, one of the oldest fruit crops. Your shell is orange yellow, dotted red and rich in aroma aromas. The flesh golden yellow, very juicy and sweet, of gewürzhaftem, noble taste.
Fragrance: something cooked apricot aromas, good freshness, delicate aromas of toast and fruit esters, bitter almond base notes, nutty, cocoa, eucalyptus, vanilla, honey

Taste: jammy texture, light plum, dark chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon, some green aspects, minty, delicate stone-bitter taste, good density, good length on the palate" -Producer

750ML Brandy, Germany


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Fruit Brandy

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