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5 Ways to Enjoy Chambord

One of the great joys in life is a deliciously rich, plum-colored liqueur called Chambord. It’s made out of blackberries in the heart of France. While you can enjoy a glass of it slightly chilled on its own, this beautiful spirit named after the famous Loire Valley Chateau is versatile enough to be mixed into a number of cocktails. Here are our eight favorite ways at Liquor Barn to enjoy Chambord—don’t forget that you can pick up the famous perfume-bottle shaped liqueur at our Chicagoland locations.

Chambord Manhattan

This seductive combination of Bourbon, bitters, maraschino, and Chambord will drive you absolutely wild. The smoky, caramel heft of Bourbon combine with the luscious sweetness of black raspberry. It’s a drink that’s guaranteed to make you—and whoever you’re clinking cocktail glasses with—have an evening you’ll never forget. Get the recipe for the Chambord Manhattan here, and pick up a bottle of Calumet Bourbon at our store.

Chambord and Champagne

Probably the best-known, most delightful version of Chambord is when it’s mixed with Champagne for a ritzy morning mimosa. The bubbly, slightly sweet tang of a nice Champagne goes down easy when it’s mixed with the velvety purple awesomeness also known as Chambord. Get the recipe for the Chambord and Champagne cocktail here, and pick up a bottle of Veuve Cliquot at our store.

Chambord Beer Royale

This is such a great way to treat yourself when you want to enjoy your favorite beer with a sweet, raspberry twist. Keep in mind that not all beers are made equal for pairing with Chambord. It goes best with Pilsners, wheat beers, Dunkels, and our personal favorite, Belgian Sours. Top off a cold pour of suds with Chambord, and then drink up! Get the recipe for the Chambord Beer Royale here.

Punch Royale

You gotta have yourself a punch recipe, especially as summer approaches. To make Punch Royale, combine Chambord with cranberry juice, two cold bottles of Champagne Brut, and a hefty scoop of fresh succulent blackberries and/or raspberries. Then serve in a big fancy glass bowl, gather round your best friends, and drink a flavorful black raspberry toast! Get the recipe for Punch Royale here.

Black Raspberry Margarita

Yes, even the French can make a good margarita—as long as it’s got Chambord in it! This is a pretty deadly concoction, so watch out! To make this margarita, you’ll need a good brand of tequila, plus pomegranate juice, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and of course Chambord. We prefer El Jimador—pick some up at Liquor Barn. Get the recipe for the Black Raspberry Margarita here. 

5th May 2017


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