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Etno Apricot Brandy
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Etno Apricot Brandy Kajsijevaca

is made from oganic apricots undergoing a long process of distillation. The end result is a delicious fruit brandy. 1L, Serbia


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Fruit Brandy

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Apricot Brandy

    I love Apricot Brandy and this brand is very good! But I do prefer Hungarian Apricot, Cherry Etc. But I do know how difficult it is to obtain right now! It has been difficult to get liquor from Hungary! I also love the Zwack Unicum! Thanks for your excellent service!

  • 5

    Excellent Rakija

    This is the best rakija we have been able to find in the United States. Almost as good our family's recipe in Serbia. ;)

  • 5

    Etno Brandy/Hungarian Unicum

    Both of these products are great! (I am Hungarian ancestry and prefer Hungarian Palinka but that has not been available in USA for Months!! But this is a good substitute, Apricot Brandy! Also...... Your delivery is fantastic! I ordered it on a Thursday, you sent me delivery info-Monday you would ship it , Wed it would arrive. BUT I received it on that Sunday!!!!!!! Thank you for great service and great products!!!!!

  • 5

    Etno Apricot Brandy

    Just an all around excellent pálinka experience!

  • 5

    Great substitute for Hungarian palinka!

    I'm a big Hungarian palinka lover, but it's hard to get the "real" stuff here in the States. This Apricot brandy is flavorful, smooth and very drinkable!

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