Dwor Polski Vodka 1.75L

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Product of: Poland
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 1.75L
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Dwor Polski Vodka

"Polish vodka, produced from carefully selected grains and crystal clear waters. Premium product, ideal for drinking and for gifts." -Producer

1.75L, Poland

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An incredible, yet unknown vodka.
Written by Christian Figueroa on 16th Oct 2016

I have to say, I was completely skeptical about this Vodka. I've never heard of it and the price caught me off guard considering the presentation of the bottle. Presentation does mean quite a bit as a factor in deciding to try an unknown liquor of any kind. It also gives it a stigma, good or bad. So I thought, why not? Even if it's a terrible vodka, it can be redeemed through extensive infusions with candies or fruits and tossed into a mixed drink. Wow! I was incredibly surprised. While this is no Tito's, it isn't that far off. It tastes like how vodka should--water and alcohol. The burn is certainly there and a bit of a burn on the aftertaste. However, I'm passionate about writing this because this vodka is incredible for the price point. It's superior to Grey Goose by a noticeable margin, yet the price is significantly less. It's a great lower priced Vodka that's very hard to go wrong with. Mixed drinks are a wonder for this as well. If you've seen this but have been wondering what the hell it is, give it a shot.

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