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Darna Pelinkovac
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Darna Pelinkovac Bitter Traditional Recipe 750ML

Bitter Herbal Liqueur, also affectionately known as Rovinjski Pelinkovac, is a liqueur produced from the essence of the Artemisia herb, commonly known as wormwood or pelin in Croatian. This product is based on a traditional recipe that originated in 1925. Pelinkovac is combined with numerous additional aromatic herbs and sugar caramelized in special copper kettles then matured in oak barrels.The thick amber liqueur coats and warms your mouth when consumed straight. Darna Pelinkovac is also enjoyed chilled, mixed with tonic water or mixed in a variety of cocktails.

28.0% ALC/VOL, Croatia


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  • 5

    newcomer but great

    This is rather a new Croatian Pelinkovac from the peninsula of Istria and it is a bit different but also fully aromatic, mysterious and full of herbal goodnes. Best over ice with a slice of lemon or mixed with tonic water + slice of lemon ...

  • 5

    Great Authentic Croatian Product

    I am from Croatia and I just love the fact that you can buy this niche product online. It's made with real herbs and it's a total hit with all of my friends who don't know it. This is an item I always have in my collection and it's ideal as an after dinner digestif. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Darna Pelinkovac

    A relatively "new" pelinkovac from the Croatian region of the Peninsula of Istria, also known as "Croatian Toscana". Quiet different herbal and earthy notes with a touch of caramel and an aroma of the Istria forest. . This one makes a great and refreshing drink, hen mixed with tonic water and to prepare numerous tasty cocktails.

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