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Courvoisier XO Cognac
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Courvoisier XO Cognac 750ML

Courvoisier XO has an intense aroma with a sweetness that must come from oranges, vanilla, and spice.



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  • 5

    Wonderful, but not worth the extra price.

    I love Courvoisier, and this Courvoisier is no exception. But the difference between this bottle and the cheapest one is minor. The smell is lighter and so I expected a lighter taste; it was just as strong and very heady, I did not find the lighter taste that others have. There is a difference in has a more vanilla taste with a hint of honey. But depending on where I buy it, I could spend $50 to $100 less and just add some vanilla extract with a bit of honey and get the same flavor. The pricey cost is marketing hype.

  • 5

    Courvoisier XO Imperiale

    XO is a very excellent cognac in my humble opinion. The tasting notes are very deep and lingering of creme brûlée, orange and to me truffle! Very nice!

  • 5

    Courvoisier XO

    Very, very nice, smooth with rich notes!

  • 4

    excellent XO from a great place and a great price

    excellent XO from a great place and a great price

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