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Cotnari Grasa de Cotnari

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Brand: Cotnari
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Size: 750ML
Product of: Romania
Varietal/Type: White Wine


Cotnari Grasa de Cotnari 750ML, Romania

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Romanian wine
Written by Sherry chevuru on 3rd Dec 2020

We so love this site as it allows us to buy wine we loved while on our trip to Romania. We can't find it here but this site lets us have it and love it

Amazing !!!
Written by Marian on 18th Sep 2019

I like red wine but a friend recommended me this wine and I gave it a try, and I have to say that I am happy I did; This wine is very good, I enjoy it with cold cut meats or just by itself and I never had a hangover. I recommend it to all those who like semisweet wine.

Great Wine
Written by Claude on 10th Sep 2019

Great Wine, Great service! 100% satisfied. We'll be ordering again!

excellent wine
Written by Anisoara V Artic on 25th Apr 2015

I didn't know, until now, such a good wine it is. Very , very good wine.

Gold medal sweet white wine at International wine competitions.
Written by Radu on 24th Nov 2014

This is a sweet desert wine from the internationally famous Romanian vineyard, named Cotnari. Served chilled or not. When you swirl the wine in the glass there is a very visible oily smear (in my book that is one of the ways to categorize a good quality wine). Of course, there are many other ways to categorize a good wine but the oily residue is just one of them - again, in my humble opinion By all means, it does NOT taste like oil or anything like that (this is for people that are not connoisseurs ) Ladies and people that enjoy sweet wine will love this wine. It leaves a invisible sugary mustache on your lips after every sip. It's a fiesta for the taste buds ! I really enjoy this deserty type wine. P.S. This wine, Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Francusa received numerous international medals at International Wine Competitions. Just search on Google or Bing and you'll find them. This article is in Romanian but I'm sure you can find something in English or French. https://cotnari.wordpress.com/2010/07/06/cotnari-vinul-medaliat-%E2%80%93-sute-de-distinctii-la-concursurile-internationale/ Note: AUR means GOLD ARGINT means SILVER Hai Romania ! - Go Romania !

Good wine but could be cheaper
Written by undefined on 28th Dec 2012

nice sweet wine, buy it only when it is on sale

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