Castello del Poggio Moscato

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Size: 750ML
Product of: Italy
Varietal/Type: Moscato / Muscat
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Castello del Poggio Moscato Sweet

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Exceptional Wine
Written by Jim Fetter on 10th Apr 2014

This wine is made from the oldest grapes grown in the world in Italy since the early 1800's. Made in the natural frizzante style, yes it's got a fizz to it made naturally from the fermentation process, not induced as champagne is. Moscato d’asti is the wine that winemakers make for themselves, so if you want the best tasting wine in the world, try this Moscato d’asti and know why winemakers keep it for themselves!

Best tasting wine ever.
Written by jimfetter@live.com on 5th Feb 2014

This wine goes with any meal, or all by itself it's gt such a robust fruity taste you'll like it with any meal, and it make the best mimosa cocktail ever, just make sure you use fresh squeezed orange juice in a 50-50 mix with pink grapefruit juice and you got one good drink at the breakfast table. Can't say enough about this special wine!

Crisp, fruity and a bit of bubbly refreshing white wine.
Written by Jim Fetter on 3rd Sep 2013

This is the greatest white wine I have tasted to date. I was hooked on Columbia Cellarmaster's Riesling late harvest white wine, but this Castello del Poggio Moscato d'Asti takes my taste buds to new heights. It is obviously what I have been looking for all these years of wine tasting that produced negative results with my taste buds. And once you taste it you'll think it's one of those hundred dollar bottles of wine "Yikes"........ but it's not remarkably, it's got a very good price for the quality of taste you get. This is one of those rare finds for people who like wine, and like to share it with friends.

Pure and Sweet...
Written by Monroe Jackson III on 14th Apr 2013

This has got to be the best Moscato that I have tasted so far. I have heard of many diffferent people saying different things about different wines. I am not really a wine drinker I find them mostly harsh and bitter but this is new, fresh and delightful to the tounge.

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