Casta Pasion Worm Anejo 750ML

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Varietal/Type: Anejo
Size: 750ML
Product of: Mexico
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Casta Pasion Worm Anejo 750ML

The hand-blown worm bottle may strike some as little more than a conversation piece but to tequila enthusiasts the spirit inside is something of a find. Casta pasion anejo is an elegant 100-percent agave tequila. The bottle is crafted in Mexico requiring 8 workers 15 minutes to fabricate a single worm-shaped bottle. Each is hand-numbered and signed. The casta worm anejo is aged over a year in new white oak casks. The fresh barrels imbue the tequila with a pronounced woody oaky character as well as a palate rich with the flavors of sweet spice citrus fruit and ground black pepper.Specsonline.com

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