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Understanding these Dark and Stormy times

Understanding these Dark and Stormy times

Ginger Beer and Rum. With a squeeze of lime. Sounds tropical, no? Why does it taste so good sometimes in the dreary winter months?

Well – perhaps because it is tropical in fact. The dark ‘n’ stormy cocktail comes from Bermuda. And if you want to make it right, use liquor from the dark and stormy homeland: Gosling’s Black Seal rum. Gosling’s introduced the drink

No Black Seal on hand? Any other rum will do, provided that you’re not serving up the drink on the island.

Don’t care much for rum? Try bourbon whiskey instead for a Stormy Whiskey.


2 oz Dark Rum

4-6 oz Ginger Beer

ice cubes

lime wedge

Fill a glass with ice, pour in rum, top with ginger beer and lime wedge and we will see you at the beach!

20th Feb 2015 Marcel Olshanksy


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